Mr. Awesome

Prince among men

 My gentle giant

Safe, loving arms to warm me

Adorable smile to charm me

What would I do?

Where would I be?

If you weren’t in my life

Too awful to think of

So I won’t


Friday Seems So Far Away……

Here’s my first (hopefully not my last) entry for Mr. Hotspur’s Romantic Monday from my shiny new un-cheeky blog, My Not So Cheeky Thoughts.

Because even a dork has a serious and thoughtful side.  Thanks so much for stopping by!


Friday seems so far away

You’ve scarce been gone an hour

You’ll be back in just a few days,

But I feel the sad and lonely creeping in already

Why does our home seem just a house

When you aren’t there with me?

The first time we’ve been apart since we married

And I pray it’s the last for a very long time

I guess I just need you more than I should

You dote on me so well

Make me feel protected

And happy and safe

Things I didn’t have before you came back

To spend the rest of your days at my side

I’ll try to be tough,

And act my age while you’re gone

But you know it won’t be easy

This world has a way of beating me down

When it knows you aren’t here to shield me from it

I’ll try to stay busy

And get a few things done I’ve been putting off

I will be okay, but not happy, until your return

So do your work, my love

And make me proud

Just like you always do

Your new wife will survive

I’ll see you on Friday when you return

Then the house will be “home” again