Tiny Little Hands

Holding On

Holding On (Photo credit: kudaker)

Is there anything in the world that can possibly surpass the feeling of your newborn child grasping your finger for the first time with their tiny, little hand?

How much hope and vision do we  invest in those five little fingers?

These little hands will be the ones we hold when he or she learns to walk.  The same ones that we will grab to  yank him or her away from danger.

We know these little hands will  get burned by touching the stove and maybe even get a slap for sticking them where they don’t belong. They might  get nipped by a puppy for pulling his tail or ear.

These little hands will build towers from blocks and  fantasy worlds with Crayons.

We can dream that one day these hands will hold a surgeon’s scalpel, play the piano, write great works, paint or sculpt.

We’ll see these hands learn to write, draw, create and become more useful over time.

Eventually, we’ll see them grip a steering wheel , and we will  say a silent prayer as we watch them drive away.

But really we just want them to be busy, useful, helpful and happy. Isn’t that the most a parent can hope for?

We are blissful  when this pair of hands is joined with another by love, and beam with pride when they sign papers on a home of their own.

One day, when their finger is grasped by the tiny hand of their own newborn, we will weep with joy, as we watch the circle of life become complete.

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